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The Beauty That Overcomes The World

Taylor Cole

The Beauty That Overcomes The World

The Beauty That Overcomes the World

By: Taylor Cole

Since becoming a father,  Jesus has reminded me of the beauty of simply being a child. The way my children light up when they see or hear something for the first time, or the joy they experience when they run outside to simply run and giggle,  and then suddenly, everyone is a rocket ship with a mega gun blaster ! Jesus has shown me that there is also a natural desire in each child to overcome new things. A challenge to be overcome can be found in anything at any time. Whether it’s climbing up the bunk bed ladder on their own, flushing the toilet all by themselves, or going down the big slide for the first time, joy rises up in me whenever I see my kids accept challenges, overcome new things, and begin to dream. It doesn’t matter how small the challenge or dream may seem to me; it is a big deal because my children are a big deal. If we are willing to look,  something truly beautiful, overcoming, and natural takes place when a child is allowed to simply be a child- they trust.

As life progresses,  it can be easy to seemingly lose our child-likeness. We either feel like we have outgrown certain activities, or we are too old to day dream and imagine new things. Maybe we feel our child-likeness was stolen from us by the busyness of life or people breaking through boundaries that should never be broken through. I know there have been times where I begin to think “ How cool would it be to be a child again ?”  Maybe that’s you, or maybe your childhood is something you never want to visit again. If you would label yourself as either of those or somewhere in between, there is something that is eternally true about you: you are a child and you are allowed to be.

Adam and Eve were God’s first children on the earth and they were in His presence enjoying Him, and being enjoyed by Him. They had done nothing to cause themselves to be God’s children, but they were His children because He had brought them forth through His creative power. They were allowed to be children because God wanted them to be children. Even though Adam would sin,  and turn his face toward the ground to work it in labor,  instead of enjoy it as a child, God made a promise that He would restore Adam’s identity as a child. When Adam sinned, it didn’t change how God saw him, but it caused Adam to rebel against who he really was and become blind to it. God was faithful to His promise,  and through Christ announced to the world who we really are and who we are allowed to be.

To those of us who would love to go back to being a child,  and for others who never want to go back, here is the truth: You can’t go back to being something you already are,  and being a child isn’t what you have already experienced it to be. Some of us try again and again to become what we already are and others of us have never been able to actually experience life as a child but only the perversion of it. Abba shows us, in Christ,  that He is the one who determines if we are children and that truly experiencing life as a child looks like being allowed to experience life, love,  and beauty.

This world has a way of deluding the truth and causing us to hide who we really are.

When Adam sinned,  the shame caused him to hide his child-likeness by having him hide from his Father, and even though the Father still saw him as his beloved child,  selfishness drove him to try and work for something he had for free, a Father.

Sin causes us to work for something that we already have, and makes us think we can attain something that was never meant to be attained. No matter what sin we have committed , or what sin has been committed against us , nothing can undo what Abba has created and brought forth. You are a child because God has brought you forth, and you are child-like,  because built into every child is the ability and desire to act like a child. Abba is always inviting us to participate in His presence as a child, and to be enjoyed by a loving Father.

There is something powerful about trusting and accepting our Fathers presence and what He says about us. When we trust that our Father is safe,  and what He says  about us is true, we begin to see that what we thought was gone for good or destroyed - wasn’t at all, but rather just lost or hiding and needed to be discovered again. We begin to taste of a Father that isn’t standing back in judgement or contempt, but One who is actively involved in our present reality,  fathering us and uncovering the beauty and wonder of His beloved children. One who is allowing us to be children.

There is one thing that has been very convincing to me as a father:

My little boy believes that his imaginary weapons and large muscles cannot be defeated or destroyed. Whatever he says he is, he becomes.

He believes he can fly to space, take down any monster and be the fastest race car driver there ever has been ! My son believes he can overcome the world, and it’s truly beautiful. Now obviously, my son is simply dreaming and using his imagination, and he can’t really overcome the world with simply his imagination, as cute as it is !

The same is true for you. No dream fulfilled and no matter what you feel you have overcome in this life, will cause you to truly overcome the world. There is only one thing that truly overcomes this world,  and that is believing what has always been true about you: You are a child, and you are allowed to be.

Abba wants you to  accept new challenges, dream, and overcome. He wants you to enjoy Him and be enjoyed by Him by allowing yourself to be a child- one who simply trusts. You will then see that this is the beauty that overcomes the world.

For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world- our trust. 1 John 5:4